Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hitch goes to Sanctuary

We packed up, and headed out early to bring Hitch to her furrever sanctuary, 300 miles away. She did very well on the trip, here she is hunkered down and looking adorable. Hitch's story is one post back: Saving Hitch.
We arrived at the sanctuary, where security was tight.
(The location was formerly a chicken farm, it is now a safe safe, feral cat sanctuary. This was one of the chicken houses, it is now used for storage, and I assume cats hang out in there. I forgot to peek in)

The perimeter is secure.
We approached the check point, and were instructed to wait for someone to check us in.
The manager came out to greet us.
We were patted down.
(This is a feral cat sanctuary, but there are a few friendlies there, who are unadoptable for various reasons.)

 Hitch met the welcoming committee. 
The green house behind her is the relocation house. She'll be in a crate there for 30 days.
 The manager took us on a tour. These are two of the transition houses.
If the staff (all full-time volunteers) do not feel they are ready for release after the 30 days, they use a transition house.
Hitch was transferred to her relocation crate, and quickly found her safe spot. She was a little concerned, but...
she was curious, as ever.
She popped her head out to look around. She has a window to soak up sun and observe her new environment. I told her she was safe, and that I loved her. Then I said goodbye.
Be well, sweet girl. I love you.
Big City Little Kitty