Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Sunnyside TNR Project

 Danielle was driving down a street in Sunnyside, Queens, about a year ago when she noticed a cat on the street. She went to get some food and left it for the kitty. She passed by again and noticed more cats and began feeding them regularly as well as a colony around the corner. She did some research and learned about feral cats and colonies and decided to get these cats spayed and neutered. She found Neighborhood Cats and signed up for the Neighborhood Cats TNR workshop with her boyfriend, Chris. Danielle started making her plans. Neighborhood Cats asked me to coach her because I live in the neighborhood and I was thrilled to help! 
Danielle introduced me to the colonies. Some of the cats were already ear-tipped, but the majority needed to be fixed.  The location is a little tough to lock down as it is between a row of garages/warehouses and railroad tracks and it is also a residential area on the other side of the street. It is difficult to know exactly what you are dealing with over there. Danielle did a fantastic job. She did her recon and counted 15 cats that she planned to TNR.   Right off the bat we got 13 cats on our first night trapping! The next night we trapped the last 2, after trapping and releasing 4 that were already ear tipped. 

On Danielle's first TNR project, she encountered many different challenges and achievements of TNR. This guy, Hemingway, better known as "Old Man", showed up in her colony about a month ago. She does not know where he came from, but he was in bad shape and he did not look so good. She made him priority #1. We pulled up, nabbed him with the drop trap and she had him at the vet right away. I was so impressed with the compassion and respect she showed this old street cat. She took him in and gave him a chance. A week and a half later at a follow up visit the vet informed her he was at the end of his life, was suffering and nothing could be done. Danielle was with Hemingway while the vet helped him pass on peacefully. He spent his final days in a safe, warm and dry place with plenty of food and love. Rest in peace Hemingway.

The rest of the cats were healthy and everything went well. Danielle had scheduled 15 appointments and we caught 15 to spay/neuter. This one was already ear tipped. Danielle calls her grandma, she's been around for a while:)
So without further ado, meet the crew!

They all did great and came back healthy! However we learned we had a nursing mom. So Danielle sounded the alarm! She alerted the other feeders, the guys that work at the location and some residents. She got a call and rushed out to get the kittens. She climbed a fence 2x her size and rushed to the space. She put them in with mama Olivia who started nursing and grooming them. I have taken in mom and babies to foster and will tell their story here. Danielle worked very hard doing recovery, caring for Hemingway, cleaning and then finally releasing! 
She and Chris released everyone back to their colonies spayed/neutered, fat and healthy. Great job guys! Welcome to TNR, we're so happy and lucky to have you! 

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