Saturday, June 22, 2013

Feral Relocation: Moving in NYC is always hard

Two cats in Sunnyside, who were already TNR'd years ago, are losing their yard to renovation/reconstruction/sale of building. The lovely woman, Robin, who cares for them found a new place for them 1 block away in a beautiful back yard in Sunnyside Gardens. Neighborhood cats asked me to coach Robin because she is a new trapper. I am always thrilled to assist a new recruit!
Robin introduced me to Mr. Miyagi and Red Cat on Friday night. They are, indeed, a bonded and loving pair. I wish I had a better picture of this, they were so loving to each other, note the tails!!!
I chalked night one up to "Recon" because I did not know what I was up against. He was a complete mush and she was a smart, skeptical, and trap savvy female.
Did I mention Mr. Miyagi was a mush?

I set up 2 box traps and the drop. Mr. Miyagi helped himself to the buffet in the drop, tripped the box traps and then trapped himself. I was not concerned about trapping him, I needed to get her, so I just sat and watched him ruin a full night of trapping by showing her how all the traps work.
By the way, when he trapped himself, I pulled him aside to get him out of the way, but he howled the WHOLE time in the most pathetic, neurotic way (stay tuned for videos later), I had to let him out. Robin informed me he calls her like that when he can't find her. Red Cat was NOT going into a trap Friday night. We packed it in and met again on Saturday.
I don't have any pictures or videos of the trapping because it happened so fast I couldn't get any!
I set up the drop, Mr. Miyagi walked straight in and helped himself to dinner. My eyes rolled, "Males." Then, Robin says, "She's going in!" I look up, and there she is in the drop. I pulled the string and trapped them both in one shot. Fastest trapping effort ever!
I showed Robin how to transfer them from the drop to box traps.

Now, this is NYC, and you know how we roll here...with push carts!
Yep, we walked down the street with ferals in traps on push carts. Welcome to Queens, baby. Then, we rolled them through the gardens to their new home.
Robin had the crate set up, all we had to do was transfer them.

That's one.
Voila! Ready for their new life! They will stay in this relocation crate for a few weeks, then they will be released...
into their beautiful new home!
Their little house will be making its way over there too. Yes, they sleep in it together! Awwwwww!
Robin walked away with her reward...
The Mark of Meow!
Robin also takes in, fosters and finds homes for many cats she finds dumped in the neighborhood. She has such a big heart and I'm so happy I had a chance to meet her. I love coaching new trappers because it is such a beautiful thing to see people step up, instead of walk by. I'm always excited to be a part of it.
Thank you, Robin. You are such a wonderful person to care for Mr. Miyage and Red Cat. You've gone above and beyond in relocating them. Blessings to you.