Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Peaceful Ending for a street cat on 9th Street

"My Little Girl" is the cat that roamed the block around my old apartment in LIC.
She was named "My Little Girl" by her caretaker and I call her "Little Girl" for short.
She would walk me around the corner to my stoop when I came home at night.
She would not come in the door, but she would sit and watch me until I went in the building and wait until I closed the door behind me. She loved being petted and the special snacks I gave her. Everyone in the neighborhood knew her.
Mildred, her caretaker, had Little Girl spayed 8 years ago and has fed her on 10th street every day since. Mildred wanted her to live in her basement, but Little Girl wanted to live outside.
A few months ago, Mildred took her in because she didn't think Little Girl would make it through another winter. She had lost a lot of weight and Mildred did not want her to live her last days alone in the cold. This time Little Girl had no complaints, she moved in to the garage and Mildred showered her with love and kisses.
This morning, My Little Girl passed away safe and warm in Mildred's garage.

Rest in Peace My Little Girl


  1. Such a sweet story :0) I'm so glad Little Girl got to spend her last days in warmth, comfort and love. God bless you Mildred :0)

  2. Me too Jenn. Mildred is an angel.