Wednesday, August 15, 2012


While Hitch, now to be given the LOST name "Rousseau" as she is living at the Bakery, was working on her relocation...
We began trapping.

We were able to trap 3 of the 4 we were planning to relocate. Sadly we had to leave 2 behind.



We had initially thought there were only 4 left, until we saw this one coming around toward the end of recon and during trapping. Brown tabby, broken tail and has an ear tip. We are wondering if this is "Hexbit", whom we have not seen in quite some time. 

Bolt and Piston have been the best of friends on that lot. So it was very hard for me to separate them. But Bolt is going to a home, and I wouldn't take that away from anyone. I hope Piston and Grommet will make friends with the resident cats at the Bakery.
Here is their final time together before Bolt's dad, a feeder that spent a lot of time with him, came to pick him up

And here is Bolt's new dad!

Bolt was a little concerned, but we hear he is making great progress and even comes out for pets:)

Huge thanks to you and your mom for taking care of this group for so long and for taking a chance on a street cat like Bolt. 

Here he is in his new home! 
And his new name is Lucky! 
Can you think of a more appropriate name?

Off to the Bakery we go! Here is Piston's set up. Note, all the cats at the Bakery are named for LOST characters, so Piston's new name will be "Desmond". 
It was, of course, a lot for him to take in at first, but as all of us involved in rescue long as there is a litter box to hide in, everything will be OK! So he took to the litter box, then realized he had his own carrier in there to hide in. It took a couple of days for him to get comfortable eating and using the box, but he's living in his relocation crate now like a champ! This guy can eat!

And after some medication for her cold, Grommet made her way there too. Due to needing some meds, she is a week behind Desmond (aka Piston). Grommet will now be called "Penny" from LOST.

She was pretty scared at first, but now she's eating and using her litter box too! 

Darn it she's cute! 
And so petite!

And as I finished setting up Penny (aka Grommet), look who I found up on top of a stack of boxes pretending to sleep, but watching us to see what we were up to...Sun! Or as many of you know her, MAMA!
Take good care of these guys Mama, they need a friend over there.
More to come...stay tuned!


  1. You guys are awesome! I am wishing much luck to this Lost crew and looking forward to hearing the next update. Yay for Lucky that he has a family and nice inside home now! I love the Lost names :)

  2. i'm always exhausted after i read each update, i can only imagine how it must feel on your end. thank you for doing all this legwork, i'm so happy things are working out as well as they are, without you their fate would have been so grim.