Monday, August 31, 2009

Um, who the hell are you?!

Lee, Dharma and their mama are doing great. Happy and healthy and the kitties are gaining weight like champs! They come running to me in the morning when I come to feed them! I brought them a cat dancer and it was a hit!

UNTIL...This past Friday morning I walked in and found...2 new kittens?!?!
The big door to the warehouse was open, so I guess they just let themselves in. Mama, Lee and Dharma were not thrilled, but were being gracious hosts. Mama took me aside and shared her concerns. It was so cute, usually she hisses, but this time she just looked at me and talked/cried to me. It just so happened, our occasional visitor (adult gray cat) also stopped in on the same morming. So I fed 6 cats instead of 3, a full house!
I have named the kittens in case they stick around.
This is Hurley
And this is Claire
I talked to the guy that runs the warehouse and he does not know them. He said he thinks he knows where they might belong, so he was going to ask. Well, I fed them 3 days in a row. Today, Monday, he told me the guy he knew did own them and came by yesterday to get them but could only find Claire. So I am planning to meet this guy and get them and hopefully their mom fixed and vax'd when they are a little bigger (they are not 2 lbs yet). Hurley was still there this morning, and I may have placement for him if he is still there Thursday.
It never ends, does it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sleepy times and more Papa Cat!

I was watching tv the other day and looked around to see where everyone was and look what I found...

I had to get a closer look!

Kate just loves this guy. She climbs on top of him and just wraps her paws around his neck and lays on him and he grooms her. It is adorable!

After playing with and caring for the kittens, Eko is totally knocked out!

Kate and Sawyer still snuggle together too. Look at their markings!

Kate always has a perfect pedicure of course!
Hello Kate!
"I'm trying to sleep! Turn off the camera please."
Look at that belly!
Kate's belly

Friday, August 14, 2009


So I was pretty worried about the little ones here for about a week. They were not eating much, their energy levels were down and were losing weight. Dharma, black and white, started eating and gaining an ounce here and there and was playful. Lee, gray and white, lost way too much weight, just sat around lethargic and I was getting very worried. I changed from Evo to Hills Science Diet hoping it would be smellier and get his interest. No. He did start eating when I put down baby food!
He would not eat without it! So I thought, ok lets get some serious McDonalds like cat food and brought some Fancy Feast. Wow! He loves it! And is gaining weight and energy!
I know it is not healthy for him, but for now, I am just happy he is eating and back to his cheery self! Look at the greeting I get every morning! This happy guy is back!
And then after he eats he comes over for his morning snuggle!
And Mama and Dharma have some snuggles too!
So, PHEW! Hope they just keep eating and gaining weight.
They are very happy.

New furniture!

I moved the new stuff in to the Warehouse. They approve! Here is the feeding station.
And here we have the bed and play station. Mama was testing out the scratcher and decided to lounge on it!
Dharma poses in the tunnel
Back for more food
Meet the family
Mama is always very generous with kisses and snuggles for her babies
And this is what she thinks of me
So long!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

1st Day back

The next day I walked in and all 3 were there safe and sound. For the past few days I have been worried as the kittens had all started losing weight, but Dharma went straight for the food. Still worried about little Lee though. I am hoping being out with their mama they will do better. Then I saw this, Dharma nursing! I did not see Lee nursing, but hope he is eating something.

Mama layed down and let them snuggle up to her.

Happy little family!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Out of the Cage!

On July 28th, I let the kittens out of the crate for good. Here are some pics and video of them playing together and chasing mama's tail. This is the last time they were all 5 together. I have taken Sawyer and Kate home with me to find them homes. Lee and Dharma will live in the warehouse with their mama.

To see how things go with Kate and Sawyer go to

Monday, August 3, 2009


I brought the new bed/play station and feeding station home for inspection. My cats Eko, Quality Control Inspector, and Tigra, Safety Inspector, were ready to check it all out!
They couldn't wait to get started!
After their Larry/Curly moment, Eko decided ladies first!
Eko then settled in and thought it was just right.
The bed passed inspection!

Odds and Ends

Now that the kittens have been spayed and neutered, I am ready to let them out of the crate to roam free with mama. I picked up a few supplies and a friend, Henry, allowed me to work in his workshop to build a sleep/play station and a feeding station.
Henry also let me borrow his assistant, Garfield!Garfield was such a great help. Here he is checking my measurements and alignment on the feeding station.
He checked the space inside the bed.
Then he checked the jungle gym for safety.
Finally, he gave me to ok! Thank you Henry and Garfield for all your help!

Mother of the Year

Mama has done a tremdous job taking care of her babies. Even outside the crate! Here she is guarding the crate when I walked in one morning. So cute!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Talker

This is "The Talker". I was having coffee one day with my neighbor and we heard this guy at the door. We walked out and she says, this guy has been coming around for a few days. I tell her I saw him last week when I was trapping down the street. This guy did not want any food and just wanted to snuggle with me. He would just roll over on his back and yell at me to rub his belly! I never got him, but it turns out we see he is already neutered. So I took a few pics and some video to send out to the rescue groups to see if someone would take this handsome guy. No-one has seen him since, we hope he was invited in to a loving home. Look at these markings! And the eyes! Beautiful cat.
Check out the video of him talking and begging for lovins!