Friday, August 14, 2009


So I was pretty worried about the little ones here for about a week. They were not eating much, their energy levels were down and were losing weight. Dharma, black and white, started eating and gaining an ounce here and there and was playful. Lee, gray and white, lost way too much weight, just sat around lethargic and I was getting very worried. I changed from Evo to Hills Science Diet hoping it would be smellier and get his interest. No. He did start eating when I put down baby food!
He would not eat without it! So I thought, ok lets get some serious McDonalds like cat food and brought some Fancy Feast. Wow! He loves it! And is gaining weight and energy!
I know it is not healthy for him, but for now, I am just happy he is eating and back to his cheery self! Look at the greeting I get every morning! This happy guy is back!
And then after he eats he comes over for his morning snuggle!
And Mama and Dharma have some snuggles too!
So, PHEW! Hope they just keep eating and gaining weight.
They are very happy.

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