Monday, August 31, 2009

Um, who the hell are you?!

Lee, Dharma and their mama are doing great. Happy and healthy and the kitties are gaining weight like champs! They come running to me in the morning when I come to feed them! I brought them a cat dancer and it was a hit!

UNTIL...This past Friday morning I walked in and found...2 new kittens?!?!
The big door to the warehouse was open, so I guess they just let themselves in. Mama, Lee and Dharma were not thrilled, but were being gracious hosts. Mama took me aside and shared her concerns. It was so cute, usually she hisses, but this time she just looked at me and talked/cried to me. It just so happened, our occasional visitor (adult gray cat) also stopped in on the same morming. So I fed 6 cats instead of 3, a full house!
I have named the kittens in case they stick around.
This is Hurley
And this is Claire
I talked to the guy that runs the warehouse and he does not know them. He said he thinks he knows where they might belong, so he was going to ask. Well, I fed them 3 days in a row. Today, Monday, he told me the guy he knew did own them and came by yesterday to get them but could only find Claire. So I am planning to meet this guy and get them and hopefully their mom fixed and vax'd when they are a little bigger (they are not 2 lbs yet). Hurley was still there this morning, and I may have placement for him if he is still there Thursday.
It never ends, does it.

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