Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lucky 7

Tonight was trapping night 1 of 3.
It was cold and rainy, but we still headed out with high hopes.
Within an hour and a half we had 7 cats in traps!
After that, we did not see anymore cats, they were hunkered down for the night staying warm and dry somewhere. We didn't catch any more cats, but we did catch (and release) 2 possums!
Last night we put up fliers alerting the neighborhood that we would be performing TNR and asking the community's cat feeders not to feed for the week.
A special thanks to my boss, Michele Rodriguez, and her father, Rene, for translating our flier in to Spanish!
Here are some pics of a few of the cats we trapped tonight.

and my little friend, Hitch
Weather looks better for tomorrow night.
Paws crossed to get the rest...

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