Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 colonies in LIC

First stop, the Bakery.
Well look who it is, Mama.

Let's get a close up of that crabby face.
When I see her I can't help but hum this tune
"Bad, bad, Mama cat, baddest cat in the whole damn town".

And now that I think about it, I probably could have named this guy Leroy Brown because after trying to bust out of a trap with his face "this guy looked like a jigsaw puzzle with a couple of pieces gone..."
He is not the black and white I had seen a few weeks ago, but he was there and did not have an ear tip, so he got trapped! My neighbor took a look at him and said he has come to her porch to eat, this is a couple of blocks away so he is roaming the neighborhood.

Over to the Greasy Paws lot.
Hemi, King of the concrete jungle!

Peek-a-boo, I see Hitchy poo!
She sat under the car watching me dish out the food waiting for me to serve her.

One more stop.
Another colony in LIC.
A friend asked me to pop by and check in on these guys.
At the first feeding station, I saw that one kitten my friend needs to catch.
So I set up the trap and went over to feed at the main feeding station, when I returned this is what I saw! Wow, they came out of nowhere just for 1 can of Friskies!
Instead of catching the kitten, that fat ass tom you see making his way to the front of the trap got trapped. I had to let him go, I'll be back when I am not lugging a trap on my bike!
Meanwhile over at the main feeding station,
Where's Waldo?
Can you find the cat supervising me?
2 cats in this photo

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