Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This trap IS the greatest thing since cat nip!
Thank you Tru-Catch for sending these along, they are well made, sturdy and they work!
And in this corner...
2 posts ago I posted a video of a folding trap from Humane Way and found it to be poorly constructed, difficult to assemble and fold, and the trap door was catching and a couple of times it did not close properly.

Meet the Tru-Catch 30 ltf Trap!
It folds!
Tru-Catch saw the video of the other folding trap and contacted me to have me try out their traps! Nicely done Tru-Catch! They sent 2 traps and I LOVE them!
(I sent the post to Humane Way to let them know I was having trouble with their product and they have not contacted me at all.)

As you can see it folds up to the height of a sneaker.

Video of assembly.

TRUCATCH wins this one paws down!

In comparison:

Both traps fold down to a nice, compact size.

Tru-Catch: Handle for use when folded and set up, set up and fold down is easy, trap is well made and designed and is sturdy, trip plate takes less pressure/weight to trigger door, trap door is reliable, customer service I have experienced so far seems top notch.

Humane Way: Handle only available when set up, set up and fold down is difficult as the fit is too tight, trap seems poorly made and flimsy, trip plate takes more pressure/weight to trigger door, trap door is unreliable as a couple of times it did not lock when I was testing it, can't rate customer service as they have not responded to my email, however that tells me something about it now doesn't it.


They are also on facebook!

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