Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Beast

Beauty (Tabby) and Beast (Black) were also trapped at the Bakery. Beauty has since been seen often basking in the sunlight in the outside area and coming out for food when I pass by.Beast, however, was not interested in being an outdoor cat. Less than a week after being neutered he was spotted tw0 and a half blocks away on my neighbor's porch. I brought him back to the bakery and a week later he was on her porch again! So we decided, this guy wants a home. He was pretty skinny and would not eat, unless...he was sitting on someone's lap! And then we saw him eat "like a Beast" and he got his name. So Mildred fostered him for a week and nursed him back to health.
Here he is with his foster mama, Mildred, and another neighbor and fan. We all came to say goodbye to the Beast and wish him well in his new home.
Look at this guy, he is such a MUSH! And does he love this foster mama or what? I have never seen such a lover boy kitten!
Here is Beast in his new home. His new mama, Morgan, is holding him and introducing him to her granddaughter.
I knew things would be just fine when I saw Beast eating while sitting on his new mama's lap!
Morgan re-named Beast "Mush-Man". She has called me a couple of times and tells me he is doing great and is very happy! Good luck Mush-Man!

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