Friday, November 20, 2009

Visit with an old friend

Anyone remember Little Girl?
Here are some old pics of her when she lived on 10th street.
Note her paws look brown.
(Old pic)
Little girl used to walk me from my car around the corner to my front door.
She never walked up the stoop, but would sit there and watch until I walked in the front door.
(Old pic)
Little Girl's caretaker, Mildred, had her spayed 8 years ago and has fed her every day since. She lived on the street and was well known and liked by the neighbors. She spent her nights in one guy's garage and her days in another guy's flower bed!
Mildred noticed Little Girl has lost a significant amount of weight and has decided it is time for her to retire from being a street cat. So she is living in a very spacious studio (crate) in her Mildred's garage.
Mildred has brushed all the mats out of her hair (there were many) and Little Girl has cleaned herself up! I now know her feet are not brown, but white!
Little Girl is suffering some digestive issues, so is eating boiled beef and rice with a little soy sauce. She is doing a little bit better and we are crossing our paws she will continue to heal.
She was so cute with the new food. This was the first day she had it and she was impressed!
She ate some and then she started feeding herself with her paw...
Very cute!
Mildred is happy to know she will never have to worry about her again when she doesn't show up for dinner as she is safe in her little house.
No more winters out in the cold for Little Girl!

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