Saturday, January 2, 2010

Checking in on the Greasy Paws

Headed over to the Greasy Paws lot today to feed and check in on everyone.
We seem to have run in to a feeder problem. Lisa and Shawn have noted there is not as much food for them when they visit. We do know one of the feeders was killed by a truck crossing the street over there, poor woman. We are hoping other feeders have been out of town or something for the holidays. We will see this week. Meanwhile, when I got to the lot these guys were HUNGRY!!!
Look at Turbo taking a breather between shovel fulls of food!
Soon enough the others came around too.
Here are Hood, Turbo and Grommet.
Hood would eat a few bites and run back to the other lot. He went back and forth. They all seemed a little more skittish today about me being there, so I backed off and sat and watched.
As I waited and watched more made their way over.
Here is Hexbit, not sure which gray - might be Bolt, and I think Hitch Hexbit and Hemi
Beetle and Hexbit
Little Beetle stayed in lot 3 most of the time looking at me and acting as if he didn't know the way over to the feeding area at lot 2. He finally made it over toward the end.

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