Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A folding trap Part 1 - Do not buy this one


I just received this new trap in the mail. Yes, I caved and bought one. I was very excited about getting a trap that folded and could be packed away in a NYC apartment and easily transported and set up as well. Well, it does fold, that is nice, but assembly is a little tough. The trap door side was either not well made or messed up during shipping. It is too tight, is tough to assemble and the door sometimes gets stuck on the way down, not good if a cat does not get trapped in the trap! It is tough to get this door to fold down because it is too tight and there is nothing to grab on to so be careful with finger placement as my finger nail got ripped (ouch). It is also difficult to set up that side because it is too tight, I use my foot to hold the trap and pull! I will work on it and use a pliers on the clip while trapping to try to create more space for the door to fall. A couple of times the door did not fall hard enough to lock, so that would also allow the cat to walk right out :( The other side of the trap works just fine and is easy to assemble and fold.

I will let you know how/if it works. If anyone has used one of these please let me know your experience. I am going to send the vid to the manufacturers to see what they say. Unfortunately, I need it and don't have the time (or the patience) to send it back and ask for a new one. I also don't want to deal with the hassle of packing up this baby and sending it back then wait around for a new one. Ugh! Disappointing!
As you can see, it folds very compact - PLUS!
Only as high as Miss Tigra's cheese wheel toy.
(Yes she is still playing with it now, she can't help herself)
Here are the details. I will let you know what the manufacturer says, so far they were a pleasure to deal with, however I have not yet told them about the trouble I am having with the door.
This will fit nicely in many hiding spaces in a NYC apartment!
Special thanks to Miss Tigra for the modeling!
Here is a video showing folding, assembly and use.

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