Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gone Fishin

I went trapping on Friday in my neighborhood, LIC. I was after some cats at a nearby bakery and another cat a block over, "Tux 1". Tux 1 has been dodging our traps since April! She is a stinker! Well...I got her! Meet Tux 1!
She is something else! She was trying to bust out of the trap something fierce at the recover space when I was setting her up. Phew, I will be glad when she is finally spayed and back home! And at the bakery, first I got a mom and her two 4 to 5 month old kittens. I learned there is one more sibling at the bodega around the corner and I will pick that one up on Wed. Here they are awaiting the ASPCA van.
I also got another mama and her 4 baby kittens, they are about 3 to 4 weeks old. Eyes still a blue, only front teeth, no back teeth yet, a little wobbly on their feet, and nursing like champs!
The kittens had something black/brown on their front claws, I was able to pull it off, I have no idea what it was, weird.
Mama was very tolerant the first day, but she is getting pretty protective as of this morning. Guess she didn't like that I took her babies out to clean off their claws, weigh them and give them a good look.
I still think she is a doll, even though she spits at me and hisses as soon as I lift up the cage cover. Guess that "don't bite the hand that feeds you" doesn't apply to nursing feral moms? Haha, I love her! She is great! And the best thing is, the kittens are learning to hiss at me as soon as they see me! They see mom hiss and then they look at me and hiss! It is sooo cute! Anyway, everyone is doing well and mama is eating me out of house and home! Those kittens must be hungry! I will try to get video of the kittens getting their baby hiss on, stay tuned!

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