Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mama still there!

So the next day I did not see her, but she did eat her food and I know she was on the blanket next to the kittens. But this morning...she came right over for breakfast! Good Morning!
She heard one of the guys from the bakery make a noise and was scoping it out, but then she dug in! Chow time!
So I let the kittens out and they went straight for Mama!
And every kitten that passed by her got a smooch!
In this one you can see Sawer (Tabby) and Darma (B&W Tux) in a pounce stand off!
At one point I was not paying attention to Mama and as I turned my head she was walking up to me...EEEK! I quickly put the kitten out between us and she sniffed him and stopped. She gave him a lick on the head and sat down. I wiped the sweat from my brow and put the kitten back. Now she was coming closer again! I thought for sure she would rip my face right off my head. She must have smelled fear and showed mercy because she stopped. I put something between us and she hissed and sat down. I was a very nervous! So i put my hand out to see if she wanted a sniff, but she hissed, so I went on about my business. She sat next to me for the remainder of my stay!
She watched the kittens, I swear she is smiling here watching their antics,
We exchanged a few blinks and you can see how close she is, see my knee below!
This little stinker has stolen my heart! Look at this sweet little mama!

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