Friday, July 17, 2009

Mama leaves the nest

I decided today is the day to let mama out of the crate. It is just too small to hold all 5 of them. So I opened the door and put some food out, she came out ate a couple bites and ran back in to lay on her shelf! So I went on about my business and started cleaning and eventually she came out. She started sniffing around the warehouse and I did not see her for about 20 mins. Then she came back and layed down and watched me clean and care for the kittens. When I put the kittens back in the crate she came over and started talking to them in what sounded to me to be half purring and half pigeon call! They started talking right back in the same language and climbing the side of the cage to get close to her! It was adorable!
So I opened the door to see if she wanted back in, but she did not seem to understand what I was doing and just hissed at me. So I let the kittens out to see her and OMG what a great mom! She watched them and talked to them and when she didn't like where one was going she went over and called them back. It was great! They ran around and played and she layed there and watched them. One by one I put them back in the crate. I get nervous letting them run around as they have not been spayed or neutered yet, they are scheduled for the ASPCA van for 7/24! I lifted the crate cover a little so they can see mama and mama can see them and put her food next to the crate and a little sheet next to the crate for her to snuggle up by them. I hope it works!
She came over to eat and the kittens seemed happy to know she was nearby. So I left them, I hope she is there in the morning tomorrow! Surely she will be as she knows I come with food!

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