Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Hitch!

I released Hitch on August 17th. She ran to the back and is hiding to the right of the ladder keeping an eye on me. I have not seen her since, until today! The bakery manager assured me she has been seen on their other facility, but until today I had not seen her. And now he says he sees her in both places, but she runs like hell when she sees him!

I was refilling the feeders and waterers, and I heard a cat cry out to me. So I walked over and it was her!

I talked and blinked and she started to make her way down. I put down some food by her too.

 Here she is making her way down!
Bon Appetit!

And there she is ladies and gentlemen! Without a doubt, a face you can not resist! HITCH!

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