Saturday, October 6, 2012

Grommet Emerges

I had released Grommet, and for a couple of weeks saw no sign of her, until...
Needless to say, I was thrilled! I was so happy to see her and know she was safe and sound. She lives over in this corner with Hitch. It seems they are working out their new living arrangement...Hitch is still her sassy and nasty self! But Grommet must be OK with that because she chooses to stay over in that area with her despite the enormous size of the warehouse with unlimited hiding and nesting areas. I now see them both every Sunday when I go to refill all the water and dry food. And they come running fast when I pop the top of the Fancy Feast! Yay!

Now Hitch's attitude...well, we'll just have to see how it all unfolds. She comes pretty darn close to me now, so her comfort level is improving. Hitch used to be a sweet, carefree little girl, but something changed over Greasy Paws, we don't know what happened and she has been skittish with people and hostile to the other cats since. I hope she and Grommet can become friends again like they were when they were younger. Especially now that they have a safe indoor home with a constant supply of food & water and no worries about anyone trying to hurt them. I hope this reduces their stress levels so Hitch can chill out  a bit and Grommet's respiratory issues can calm down. By the way, Hitch is putting on weight:) She had been in pretty bad shape when first removed from Greasy Paws. Grommet's breathing seems less labored and her weight looks good.
As for Desmond, aka Piston, who was released across the street at the production area, I have not seen him yet. The workers over there tell me they have seen him and he is eating at this feeding station I left. Stay tuned for an experiment in automatic photography...
That just leaves Beep, who was taken in by one of the Greasy Paws feeders. We hear he is still doing well...and may even be getting a little friend! A kitten friend!

I went by the lot yesterday and see there is still food and water out for Beetle and Hexbit. I do hope they are well. Maybe one day we can go back for them if we find a place for them to go.

For Hood, Muffler, Honk, and Turbo, who were trapped by one of the lot owners and dumped in some park, we hope you have found food and shelter and are well. (This person has not admitted to this, so we do not know where these cats were released. Our source, a friend of this person, told us he removed 4 and released them at a park far enough away they would not be able to find their way home)

For those who we think we have lost over the years; Hemi, Axle, Winch, Bolt, Torque and the new guy who never got a name, we hope you are resting in peace.

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