Thursday, July 16, 2009


So the kittens are getting big. They are about 6 to 7 weeks old now and still living in a crate with mama. I have started letting them loose in the warehouse while I clean the crate and feed mama and they just run, run, run and bounce and just have a blast! They are sooo cute! When I walk in this morning and lift the cover off the front of the cage, this is what I see...Bedlam! It looked like a scene from Gremlins! These guys start meowing and pawing under the crate cover as soon as I walk in the door! "Let meow out!" "I'm Hungry!" "Clean up this mess we made!" OMG, they are cute, but wow they are crazy! I don't know how mama does it! I think I may let her out soon, she may need to get out of there! Here are some more pics of their opening number.
The first thing I do is get food to mama so she is distracted while I clean the crate. She is hissing and staring me down until I get that food in there. Then, she completely ignores me and everything I do. She just eats that food! Here she is with Sawyer eating up on the shelf. Sawyer is mama's little boy. He is always up on the shelf with her, sooooo cute!

Next I take the kittens out so they can play and eat. Here is their feeding circle. Awe!

Once mama is finished eating, she lounges on the shelf for some alone time while the kittens are out of the crate. Then I put them all back with more fresh food and water and cover up the crate. See you tomorrow guys!

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